Events & Collabs

In addition to our new restaurant, we will continue to be available to you as a pop-up. Pop-up means that we will host you – always for a short period – in various locations. This could be at a winery, in a restaurant provided to us by friends or colleagues, or even temporarily as part of an event.

Upcoming Events and Collaborations

January 9-24 2024

Trotte x irori – Collaboration in Izakaya Style

It’s back to the countryside – to Freiburg, to be precise.

Like last year, we will spend part of January in the Trotte wine bar. Our dear friends around Philipp Barho will take care of the vinophile part and we will implement the countless culinary impressions we gained in Japan in the style of an Izakaya.

We are really looking forward to being back in our second home.

Reservations are possible from December.


Trotte Wine Bar
Fischerau 28
79098 Freiburg im Breisgau


from 6:00 p.m

January 25-28 2024

Collaboration Bar Rique & irori in Bremen

At the end of January our travel adventure continues, this time to the far north. We will stop at the Bar Rique in Bremen for four days and take over the kitchen there. Jannis Bartsch & The team will take care of the wine part with Kerstin and we will bring some Palatinate flair to the Hanseatic city. There will be an 8-course menu – either with a wine accompaniment or with bottle(s) that you can choose as you wish.

We’ve never cooked this far north before, so we’re really looking forward to getting to know Bremen and the people there!


Bar Rique
Ludwig-Franzius-Platz 8
28217 Bremen


Thu, Fri, Sat 6:15 p.m
Sun 2:40 p.m


Pop-Ups in progress

09.01.2024 bis 20.01.2024 Trotte Weinbar, Freiburg

Collaborations in progress

25.01.2024 bis 28.01.2024 Bar.Rique, Bremen

Where we have been guests or have collaborated in the past:

Pankratiushof, Mainz

Weingut Ziereisen, Efringen-Kirchen

Ökonomierat Rebholz, Siebeldingen

Sekthaus Raumland, Flörsheim-Dalsheim

Weingut Bietighöfer at Villa Pistoria, Bad Bergzabern

Weingut Odinstal, Wachenheim

Weingut Franz Keller, Oberbergen

Palatina Weinbar, Großkarlbach

Weingut Aufricht, Stetten am Bodensee

Markus Nikolai Kitchen, Frankfurt

Trotte Weinbar, Freiburg

Julius in der Pfalz, Hainfeld

Alte Kellerei, Neuleiningen

Essenfüruns, Mainz

Weingut Cantzheim, Kanzem an der Saar

Stubn Gasthaus at Frasdorfer Hütte, Chiemgau

Wein- & Butterboyz, Regen/Niederbayern

Schlicht.Esslokal, Koblenz

Engelhorn Gourmetfestival, Mannheim

Soupe Wein Salon, Landau/Pfalz

Weingut Schätzel, Nierstein

Kronschlösschen, Eltville

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